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Lab rabbit Studios Growth Hacking Process

Our Process

Identify the Pulse of the Business

Outline the Critical Components of your Business/Brand:
1. Business Model
2. Value Proposition
3. Brand and Positioning
4. Ideal Customer Profile
5. Customer Journey Funnel
6. Primary Metric/s

Run the Rapid Experimentation process G.R.O.W.S

Gather Ideas
Rank Ideas
Outline Experiments
Study Data

Create Playbooks and Iterate

Determine what works and document it as a growth system and process.
Iterate the experiment campaigns and automate to optimise for business objectives.

What you can expect

Market & Demand Validation

We find creative ways to acquire early customers and validate your pricing, positioning, messaging and core offering to ensure more certainty and less risk for your launches.Whether optimising existing products or introducing new ones, our expert team ensures you hit the target every time.

Operational Efficiency & Process Automation

Streamline your operations with automated processes for marketing, customer journey, customer support and engagement, reducing time on tasks and cutting costs.We use software to make your business more automated and system driven.

Full Funnel Approach:
Acquisition | Activation | Retention

Optimise your conversion funnels through continuous experimentation, enhancing user actions from initial contact to repeat business.We craft personalised communication, compelling content and refine your offering to build stronger connections that boost conversion rates.

High performing and unique brand position

Growth hacking only works if your brand is positioned correctly to resonate customers and reduce dependency on expensive ads to sustain your growth.With our years of experience in Brand management across different industries, we help you put the right foot forward for your strategy to enhance marketing impact and sustain long-term desirability.

What Is Growth Hacking?

"A process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business."

This involves a combination of creative marketing strategies, data analytics, and automation tools to drive scalable growth in a short period of time

Why you want us as your growth partner

The missing ingredient to your Marketing Mix.

When you partner with Lab Rabbit, you get a tailored growth team of experts in Product Design, Growth, Digital Marketing and Technology that understand your business and goals, who are committed to achieving rapid growth.

"No fluff. High impact. No time wasted"

We are extremely focused on increasing your revenue and growing your business. We leverage learnings from 1000's of experiments to refine your own growth playbook for your business

UNique ways to grow that your competitors are not doing!

As a dedicated team of Branding, Growth, Marketing and Product experts, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client. Utilising experiment-driven and research-led thinking, we create scalable solutions that elevate your product and brand.


User Experience Design

- UX and Customer Journey Audits
- Customer Journey Optimisation
- User Research and Persona Development
- System and Acquisition Funnel Design
- Wireframing and Prototyping

Process & Marketing Automation

- Customer Journey Automation
- Marketing Funnel Automation (email, whatsapp, sms, push)
- Operational Process Automation

Web and App Development

Combining technical expertise and growth strategies for market-penetrating platforms that enhance engagement and speed up growth.

- Low-Code MVP builds
- Webflow & Framer websites
- Performance Optimization

Brand Creation

- Brand Strategy, Positioning, and Messaging
- Value Proposition and Customer Profile Design
- Visual Language Development and Direction
- Comprehensive Brand and Media Production and Management
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Market Validation Program

A 6-week initiative to launch and validate new products or offerings efficiently. Focuses on assessing market desirability, building distribution, and generating early revenue and customers with minimal capital investment.

Growth Strategy & Execution

We set and achieve short and long-term growth goals through a strategic roadmap, encompassing:- Product Positioning and Acquisition Strategies
- Retention Tactics and Channel Mastery
- Creative Ideation, Experiment Campaign Development
- Media Production and Execution

Growth Marketing Services

We execute growth hacking experiments across some of the following key digital channels:
- Video & Content Marketing
- Email Marketing
- Social Ads

Automated Retention & Loyalty

Process and Marketing Automation

Process Automation: Decrease operational effort, reduce finger errors and save time by automating the tasks and processes that you do most often.Invoicing, Job Cards, Customer Support, Customer Bookings, Onboarding, and more...Marketing Automation: Following your Customer Journey, we increase customer loyalty and repeat business by automatically communicating to your customer via WhatsApp, SMS or Email.Automated marketing funnels that increase Revenue and Lifetime Value.

Is Lab Rabbit for you?

Growth Hacking as a Service

We create bespoke Growth, Marketing, and Product Strategies based on your business. We are specialists in the following areas:- Consumer Brands
- Tech Startups
- Electrical or Plumbing Contractors
- Franchise or Private Chains

Tell your story for long term growth

Brand Development

Growth hacking only works if your brand is positioned correctly. Let customers resonate with you from day 1 and decrease your reliance on expensive paid ads to sustain your growth.With our years of Brand Management across different industries, we help you put the right step forward that enables you to enhance your marketing efforts and sustain long term desirability.

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